Hazardous Travels. Ghost Acres and the Global Waste Economy

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“Trash Talks”

A Blog Series on Our Everyday Encounters with Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste surrounds us. We may not realize it, but toxic, hazardous, and harmful waste is part of our everyday encounters. It is part of our daily routines of consumption, mobility, work, leisure, and travel. We could stumble across a hazardous waste story when watching the news or going shopping. Often these stories are plain out of sight, and more often than not, we also choose not to see or care about hazardous waste; the outdated batteries in our trash, our old cell phone in the drawer, the insulations of our homes, let alone the consequences of all those plastic items that we accumulate. In the blog series "Trash Talks", we explore everyday encounters with hazardous waste material to encourage and inspire you to critically reflect upon the waste that surrounds your daily lives. Each post explores a different aspects of how hazardous waste is present in our everyday life, whether we want it, or see it, or not.


Wüstenmüll. Photo by Lisa Leonardelli [CC BY-SA 2.0]